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2015 Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire

2015 Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire - Hello Youtube Now you are about to see the video of Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 2015 Brand new model we begin with Toyota Alphard Toyota Alphard is one of the most popular MPV in Indonesia Why? in Indonesia, rich people cannot be considered rich if they don't have Toyota Alphard as usual Toyota redesign the interior very nicely the new interior design always make the old model looks oldish just like older generation.

All the feature are almost same but they look different in design in the front seat area there's something different theres no regular armrest, they changed it to a very big central console maybe it feels like a sedan there's also a little different in the central seat position a very tiny, tiny table and the leg rest can be lengthen a bit to match our height however there's a big problem look at his face why is it Ugly as hell I've been waiting for a long time for this new model after they revealed why is it becoming like this a very deep disapointment I don't understand what the designer's up to designing a legendary car to be like this and the tail light looks very weird and the front side looks like all covered by grille front grille remind me of a movie when i was young here's the movie one ugly motherf***er 

Roarrrrrrr probably in the designer's mind, whatever it looks like it will sell out but the right side model looks really better than the left side before we continue to Velfire please spent a moment to subscribe our channel if you haven't subscribe it for Alphard and Vellfire there are two option for the engine liter four and liter V6 we continue to see Vellfire, does it also ugly like Alphard the grille look different head lights different look slightly better than Alphard afternoon sun will blind your eyes because almost all is covered by chrome many other parts covered by chrome all covered by chrome for the interior as usual all looks same like Alphard slight different in seat cover material you can change the ambient light to your favor and mood if you want to change your old Alphard and Vellfire to this model we recommend to choose Vellfire looks better in design after we did some research.

Toyota inspired this design from this animal gorilla gorilla doesn't look handsome or beautiful animal very not necessary to inspired by it so, which one do you choose? please make a comment below in Indonesia Alphard and Vellfire are unbeatable we hope for Mercedes Benz V-class can beat it all of this is our honest opinion we are not payed or affiliated by these products dont forget to see our other videos and most important is dont forget to Like the video and Subscribe MotomobiTV Thank you for watching

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